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Farms in Chile An aerial view of green farms in Chile from a Gol Airlines flight.Puget Sound on a Sunny Day Looking north towards the Puget Sound, Space Needle, and Queen Anne in Seattle on a sunny summer day.Rio de Janeiro Aerial Photo Chile Desert An aerial view of the dry Atacama desert in Chile. Coastline of Chile The dessert coastline of Chile on a plane from from Santiago to northern Chile.South Side of Seattle Aerial view of the south side of Seattle.Colombia Coastline A view of the coastline near Cartagena, Colombia.Colombia Airplane Window Looking down towards Cartagena, Colombia.Colombian Coastline Outside Medellin Cartagena, Colombia Aerial Andes Aerial View An aerial view of the Andes mountains as seen from a plane flying from Uruguay to Chile.Andes Mountains from a Plane A view of the snow capped mountains as seen from a plane.Arica, Chile A great view of Arica, Chile from the airplane. Arica is one of the driest cities in the world and is located next to Tacna, PeruAtacama Desert The Atacama Desert as seen from an airplane. Some say that ChileMountains from a Plane A view of mountains from an airplane.Puget Sound Aerial A view over the Puget SoundRio from Above Rio from an Airplane A view of Rio de Janeiro from an airplane.Bogota Flight Landing The green land and dark clouds of Bogota.Bogota Farm Aerial A view of the lush farm land close to Bogota Airport.Above the Clouds Above the clouds heading out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.Cartagena View Atlanta Aerial An aerial view of Atlanta, Georgia, taken from an airplane. Lake Washington Looking west in Seattle towards Lake Washington.Golf Course Aerial Above Fort Lauderdale, FL.Bogota Aerial An aerial view of Bogota, Colombia.Aerial View of the Uruguayan Coast