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Shih Tzu Crazy Camel A crazy camel in Rajasthan, India.Bogota A pigeon flaunting its stuff in Bogota, Colombia.Eating Dog Dog Closeup A closeup of a somewhat grumpy looking dog.Cute Puppy Lizard A lizard in a park surrounding by birds.Rural Rajasthan A camel transports people in rural Rajasthan, India.Sleeping Dog A sleeping dog lies in the shade next to a Greek ruin. Thailand Elephants An elephant ride through a river in Thailand.Orangutan Dog with a Toy Shih Tzu Shih Tzu running on a wood floor.Shih Tzu Shih Tzu distracted from his meal.Dog with its Head in a Bowl Meal timeShih Tzu Puppy Hungry Wolf A hungry wolf in the snowPigs in Brazil Pigs in rural Brazil in Mato Grosso do Sul.Wolf in Snow Elephant Photo A photo of a guy riding an elephant in Thailand.Llama For some reason there was a llama tied up in downtown Bogota, Colombia.Baby Cow A baby cow on a hillside farm in Colombia.Water Bird A bird in the Pacific Ocean in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.Underwater Hippo A hippo under the water.Bear Giraffe Horse Ducks Swimming on a Pond Seagull Closeup photo of a seagull at the beach in Los Angeles, California.Sad Dog Crow A crowLazy Dog A lazy dog on the beach.Horse Swan Orangutan Giraffes Giraffe Pink Flamingos Seagull A seagull in flight. Geese Bucket of Turtles A volunteer holds a bucket filled with baby turtles at a beach in Guatemala. Baby Turtle Seagull A seagull on the beach.Bird on a Beach Skinny Cow Puppy A puppy staring at the camera.Squirrel Goose They poop a lotSquirrel Wild Boar Panda