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Cool Beach Bar A wooden beach bar in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay. Unfortunately they were closed for the season. Venice, California As the sun is setting at Venice Beach.Cancun Beach A beach in Cancun, Mexico. The sand is very fine and white here.Rio Beach Umbrellas Beach umbrellas at the beach in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilTropical Sunset A view of the sunset on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.Tulum Beaches The wonderful white sand beaches of Tulum, Mexico.Tulum A boat rests on the water in Tulum Mexico.Sand Dunes The sand dunes at Sleeping Bear Dunes park in northern MichiganLighthouse The lighthouse at Grand Haven seen through the wind barrier fences that keep sand from blowing too much.Puerto Vallarta Sun People take photos of the sunset in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.Man in Sunset A man sits in front of the sunset in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.Puerto Vallarta Beach Playa Muertos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Beach Sunset Two women walking on the beach during sunset at the beach in Guatemala. People in Sunset Two men walk on the beach during a sunset.Teens on Beach Teens walking on the beach during sunset.Women at Sunset Women walking on the beach in Monterrico, Guatemala at sunset.Beach Trampolines Rusty trampolines on the beach in Arica, Chile.Brazilian Beach At Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Brazilian Beach A nice Brazilian beach during the summer in Rio de Janeiro BrazilCancun Beaches One of the great beaches in Cancun, MexicoBeach Hotel in Chile A beach next to the Sheraton Hotel in Vina del Mar, ChileCustom Beach Seats Somebody created these beach seats built into the sand at Hoffmaster State Park.Pere Marquette The sunset at the beach at Pere Marquette in Muskegon, MichiganLake Michigan Break Wall The water level was really high, leaving a very small beach this summer.Playa del Carmen Mexico A photo from the beach of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.Punta del Diablo Beach Cabins Cabins in the beach town of Punta del Diablo, Uruguay.Remote Beach Bar Rio Beaches The beaches of Rio.Rio in the Summer Time The beaches of Rio in the summer time.Surfer in South America A surfer examines the water on a beach in South America.Tulum Mexico Beaches Cold Beach The sand break fences lined up at Pere Marquette in Muskegon, Michigan in late October.Tread Marks Tire tread marks on the sand.Beach Fence Fences on the beach to prevent the sand from blowing too much.Sailboats Orange Sunset Puerto Vallarta Sunset Three guys take pictures of the sunset in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Sunset Puerto Vallarta Pier The pier on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.Puerto Vallarta Beach A beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.Puerto Vallarta Pier The pier in Puerto Vallarta, MexicoMonterrico, Guatemala Pacific Ocean A person swims in the waves on a Pacific Ocean beach in Monterrico, Guatemala.Pacific Ocean Sunset The sun reflects off the water during the sunset over the Pacific Ocean in Guatemala. Lake Michigan Dune grass and waves on Lake Michigan during an unusually warm winter day.Los Angeles Beach Waves crashing on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California.Los Angeles Fog Fog in the morning at Venice Beach in LA. Venice Beach Fog on the beach in Venice, California.Beach in Pocitos Neighborhood of Montevideo The nice neighboorhood of Pocitos in Montevideo is seen here.Horse on the beach A horse feeds on grass near the beachIpanema on a Rainy Day A man running on the beach in Rio de JaneiroIpanema Sunset The sunset over RioMan Walking Towards the Lake A man follows a trail to the Lake Michigan beach.Montevideo Boardwalk On the boardwalk in Montevideo, Uruguay. Located in the Pocitos neighborhood.Punta del Diablo Little huts on the beach in Punta del DiabloRainy Day on the Beach A rainy day on the beach.Tulum, Mexico Beach Mayan ruins on the beach in Tulum, Mexico.Uruguay Beach Savannah Beach Sunset A sunset at the beach near Savannah, Georgia.Beach Path A man walks towards a boat near the beach at Hoffmaster State Park in Muskegon, Michigan.Man at the Beach A man walking along the sand barrier fences at the beach.Cold Beach The sand barriers at the beach during the cold season.Man on a Pier A man standing on a pier at Pere Marquette.Lighthouse A view of the lighthouse at Grand Haven through a wooden barrier fence.Boat Ride Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Beach Sunset Beach Banana Boat A banana boat, sailboat, and motorboat in front of palm trees on the beach in Mexico.Puerto Vallarta The beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.Pere Marquette Sand fences up on the beach in late November at Pere Marquette beach in Muskegon, Michigan.Lighthouse Lighthouse in Muskegon, Michigan. People are fishing on the pier. Ocean Wave Black Sand Beach A black sand beach in Monterrico, Guatemala.Guatemala Beach at Sunset Tractor A tractor raking the beach in Venice, California.California Beach Palm trees along Venice Beach in LA, California. Surfer Surfer at the beach.Los Angeles Life Guard Stand A closed lifeguard stand at Venice Beach.Arica, Chile Beach A beach in Arica, Chile.Athens Beach A dusty beach in Athens, Greece with little palm trees.Empty Beach Swimmer in Ipanema A swimmer goes into the water in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.Woman on a beach in Uruguay Woman on a beach in UruguayPictured Rocks, Michigan A view of the Pictured Rocks in the upper peninsula of Michigan.Cloudy Beach in Chicago. A cloudy day at the beach in Chicago, Il.Beach Bench A blue bench at the beach in Pere Marquette. Shells and Stocks Beach Shoe Print A footprint at the beach with wave lines to the left. Beach Wall The beach at Hoffmaster State Park. The water level was really high. Beach Smoke Stack A smoke stack as viewed from the beach in Muskegon, Michigan.Bucket of Turtles A volunteer holds a bucket filled with baby turtles at a beach in Guatemala. Lighthouse and Beach A fire pit on the beach with a lighthouse in the background.Walk on the Beach A woman walking on the beach.Runner A runner on the beach. Volleyball Net Volleyball net at Venice Beach.Bird on a Beach Venice Beach, California Beach Wood