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Communist Architecture in Belarus Communist style apartment blocks on the outskirts of Minsk, Belarus. This is very typical architecture for Eastern Europe.Downtown Minsk The main street of downtown Minsk, BelarusGovernment Building in Minsk A government building in Minsk, BelarusLenin Statue A statue of Vladimir Lenin in Minsk, Belarus.Main Boulevard in Minsk The main street of MinskMinsk Building Women walk past a building in Minsk, Belarus.Minsk Mercedes Benz A Mercedes Benz on the street in Minsk, BelarusMinsk Shopping Street A shopping street in Minsk, BelarusOrthodox Church in Downtown Minsk Independence Square in Minsk, Belarus People walking around in Independence Square in Minsk, BelarusVladimir Lenin Statue in Minsk, Belarus Independence Square in Minsk Women walk around in Independence Square in MinskDowntown Street in Minsk, Belarus Women walking down the street in downtown Minsk, Belarus.