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Beautiful Flower A beautiful flower found on top of Monserrate in Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Taxis Yellow taxis on the street in Bogota, Colombia.Bogota A pigeon flaunting its stuff in Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Forest Fire A forest fire in the mountains above Bogota, Colombia.Taxi A taxi passes through a street in Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Catholic Church A catholic church in Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Countryside The countryside just out of Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Skyline Panorama Panorama view of the Bogota skyline.Bogota Skyline View From a Tunnel As seen from the cable car that ascends up Monserrate.Bogota Skyline Skyline of Bogota, Colombia as seen from the cable car.Staircase Interesting stairs on this building in Bogota,Colombia.Bogota Alley An alley with lots of students walking through in Bogota, Colombia.Historic Church An historic church in the Candelaria area of Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Morning The sun rises in Bogota. The smoke is a forest fire.Central Square in Bogota, Colombia The smoke is a forest fire.Clock Tower in Bogota Noe that the moon is still up. Taxi A taxi in front of a mural in Bogota, Colombia.Yellow Taxi A yellow taxi in Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Traffic Traffic on the street in Bogota, Colombia.Streets of Bogota People and cars on the streets of Bogota.Street Median The median separates the traffic in Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Flight Landing The green land and dark clouds of Bogota.Streets of Bogota People and cars on the crazy streets of Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Farm Aerial A view of the lush farm land close to Bogota Airport.Bogota Street Street in Candelaria, Bogota.Bogota Skyline Panorama Tall Buildings in Bogota Tall buildings in Bogota as seen from Monserrate. Bogota A view of Bogota, Colombia from MonserrateBogota Skyline Bogota Skyline Bogota Skyline Central Bogota Skyscrapers in the center of Bogota.Bogota View A view of Bogota from atop Monserrate.Bogota Business District A view of the business district of Bogota, Colombia.Bogota The sprawl of Bogota, Colombia.Bicyclist in Bogota I would not want to ride my bike in Bogota. Bogota Skyscraper Curved Office Building in Bogota Staircases Fence in Bogota A fence around a construction site in Bogota, Colombia.Llama For some reason there was a llama tied up in downtown Bogota, Colombia.Main Plaza in Bogota, Colombia. The smoke is a forest fire.Walkway A walkway in Bogota, Colombia.Pigeons In Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Sunrise Clock in Bogota, Colombia The moon sits behind this clock in Bogota.Candelaria Iglesia Candelaria Church in Bogota, Colombia Bogota A taxi passes through the Park 93 neighborhood of Bogota, Colombia.Taxi Taxi A taxi in front of Parque 93 in Bogota, Colombia.Garbage Cans Garbage cans in Bogota, Colombia.Taxi Cab A taxi cab on the street in Bogota, Colombia with an interesting advertisement in the background.Cool Building in Bogota Rain in Bogota They close off half of one of the main street on Sunday mornings.Power Lines Power lines in Bogota, Colombia.Bogota, Colombia Aerial Bogota Traffic A motorcycle riding through traffic in Bogota, Colombia.Bogota View A view of Bogota through the rubble of a former building.Bogota Plane Landing The view from the plane landing at El Dorado airport in Bogota, Colombia.University of Lasalle in Bogota Bogota Church Painting In the main plaza of Candelaria.Bogota Skyline The skyline of Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Skyline Monserrate View in Bogota, Colombia. Monserrate Church in Bogota Bogota Crosswalk Waiting at the crosswalk in Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Museum Motorcycles Downtown Bogota Museo Nacional Stop in Bogota Cool Building in Bogota The smoke is from a forest fire.Christopher Columbus Theater in Bogota Bogota Historic Church Street in Candelaria, Bogota Candelaria in Bogota, Colombia Catholic Church in Bogota Bogota In front of a restaurant in Bogota, Colombia.Glass Building Bogota Graffiti Raining on a street in Bogota Bogota Taxis Taxis line up on a Sunday morning.Bogota Clouds Colombia Graffiti Bogota Aerial An aerial view of Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Bus A bright yellow bus in the streets of Bogota.Bogota, Colombia Pedestrian Street Cristo in Bogota The Christ statue above Bogota, Colombia.Bogota Sunrise Colombia Graffiti