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Venice, California As the sun is setting at Venice Beach.Helicopter A helicopter flies over Venice Beach during the sunset.Hollywood Sign The famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California.Griffith Observatory The Los Angeles skyline seen behind the Griffith Observatory.Golden Gate Rainbow A rainbow shoots out from the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. Los Angeles Beach Waves crashing on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California.Los Angeles Fog Fog in the morning at Venice Beach in LA. Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Rocky Coastline The rocky coastline an hour drive south of San Francisco, California.Venice Beach Fog on the beach in Venice, California.San Francisco A panorama view of the San Francisco skyline.Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA A rainbow at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.Golden Gate Bridge Black and White Highway in San Diego US Coast Guard Ship California Beach Palm trees along Venice Beach in LA, California. Los Angeles Life Guard Stand A closed lifeguard stand at Venice Beach.Highway Traffic Cars on the highway in Los Angeles, California.Golden Gate Bridge Traffic Traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.Los Angeles Skyline The skyline of Los Angeles, California.San Francisco Park Palm trees line this park along the Embarcadero in San Francisco, CA.San Francisco Wharf A seagull sits on a railing near Pier 5 in San Francisco, CA.San Francisco Buildings Looking at the skyline of San Francisco.Santa Cruz Coastline Waves crash on the coastline in Santa Cruz, California.San Diego Skyline San Diego Sailboat Balboa Statue Los Angeles Smog Seagull A seagull on the beach.California Lighthouse Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge Venice Beach, California San Francisco, CA A view of the San Francisco skyline from near the Golden Gate Bridge.