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Snow Capped Mountain The snow capped mountain at Lake ChungaraFarms in Chile An aerial view of green farms in Chile from a Gol Airlines flight.Valparaiso, Chile Architecture The colorful buildings of Valparaiso, Chile.Catholic Church A Catholic church in Vina del Mar, ChileChile Architecture The colorful architecture in Chile.Chile Desert Mountain A green valley and tiny town are located in the moon like topography of Chile. I believe this is at about 8000 feet above sea level.Chilean Mountains A fertile valley in the Andes Mountains of Northern ChileValparaiso, Chile Valparaiso, Chile view with colorful buildings looking out to the Pacific Ocean.Weird Cactus Weird cactus up in elevation in northern Chile.Andes Mountains At Lake Chungara in northern Chile, about 15,000 feet above sea level. Lots of alpacas and other interesting animals live here. Vina del Mar, Chile Beach A beach and rocky shore of Vina del Mar, ChileBeach Trampolines Rusty trampolines on the beach in Arica, Chile.Beach Hotel in Chile A beach next to the Sheraton Hotel in Vina del Mar, ChileChile Desert An aerial view of the dry Atacama desert in Chile. Clock Made of Flowers The flower clock in Vina del Mar, ChileCoastline of Chile The dessert coastline of Chile on a plane from from Santiago to northern Chile.Desert Cemetery A cemetery in the desert at high elevation in northern Chile.Dry River Bed A dry river bed in Arica, Chile. Arica is next to the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world. Easter Island Statue A statue in Vina del Mar, Chile.Rocky Coast The rocky coast of ChileArica, Chile Coastline The dramatic coastline of Arica, Chile. It rarely rains in this city.Arica, Chile Rock El Morro in Arica, Chile. You can walk to the top and lookout on to the sea. Arica, Chile A great view of Arica, Chile from the airplane. Arica is one of the driest cities in the world and is located next to Tacna, PeruChile Vineyard A vineyard a couple hours from Santiago, ChileDesert Coastline of Chile The coastline of Chile on the Pacific OceanDesert Town A tiny town in the desert next to Arica, Chile.Fertile Valley A valley in the desert mountains of northern ChileHorse Track A horse track in Vina del Mar, ChileValparaiso, Chile Street Arica, Chile Beach A beach in Arica, Chile.Empty Beach Santiago, Chile Skyline The skyline of Santiago, Chile.Valparaiso, Chile Vina del Mar