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Detroit Skyline The skyline of Detroit and Windsor, Canada, with the Detroit River and Ambassador Bridge in between.Dramatic Clouds Dramatic clouds over the railroad track.South American City. I believe this is Cuenca, Ecuador. A really nice city south of Quito.Detroit, Michigan The skyline and waterfront of Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Canada.I94, an American Highway Large white clouds loom over highway I94.Cloudy Day Grass sticks up while looking at a bridge on a cloudy day in Ann Arbor, MichiganLow Clouds Low, billowing clouds along the highway.Railroad Crossing A railroad crossing on a fall day.White Clouds White Sky A red tree and white clouds.Metal under the Clouds Metal from a lighthouse is seen underneath the clouds.Grand Haven State Park The beach at Grand Haven State Park. The clouds were very interesting this day.Clouds Really interesting cloud shapes.Fog Fog coming into the valley in Salento, Colombia.Rural Colombian Home A home on the mountainside in rural Colombia.Puffy Clouds Above Fort Lauderdale, Florida.Above the Clouds Above the clouds heading out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.Crazy Clouds Colombian Nature A view into a valley in Salento, Colombia.Mountain Road Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Beach Cloud Covered Volcano Cloudy Volcano Clouds cover the top of the volcano in Antigua, Guatemala.Billowing Clouds Big, billowing clouds.