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Detroit River The lights gleam on the Detroit River.Fist Statue The fist statue in DetroitDetroit Skyline The skyline of Detroit and Windsor, Canada, with the Detroit River and Ambassador Bridge in between.Detroit Skyline A view of the Detroit skylineDetroit Historic Building The former train station in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Skyline The reflections from the skyscrapers cross the waters of the Detroit River in this skyline shot of Detroit, Michigan.Old Church in Detroit, Michigan An old Church in Detroit, Michigan.Abandoned Building in Detroit, MI A huge abandoned building in Detroit, MI.Detroit, Michigan The skyline and waterfront of Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Canada.Detroit Sunset The sun sets through a hole in the clouds over Detroit, Michigan.Really Cool Sunset The sun shining through from a small hole in the clouds. Taken from Belle Isle.Detroit Skyline The sun streaking down on the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Skyline Black and White A b&w photo of the Detroit Skyline.Ambassador Bridge in Detroit The sun shines over the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Downtown Detroit taken from the waterfront area.Historic Detroit, Michigan An historic little building next to skyscrapers in downtown Detroit, Michigan.Arch in Detroit. The arch along the waterfront looks out towards a skyscraper in Detroit, Michigan.Renaissance Center Renaissance CenterBig Detroit Fist An American flag behind the big Detroit Fist.Factory That Has Been Abandoned An Abandoned factory in Detroit, MichiganDetroit Homes Homes in Detroit, MichiganBelle Isle Water Fountain The water fountain in the center of Belle Isle.Detroit Factory An old factory building in Detroit.Detroit Convenience Store A convenience store in Detroit, MI.Historic Home in Detroit, Michigan An historic home in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Institute of Arts In front of the Detroit Institute of Arts.Detroit, MI A view towards Detroit, MI from Belle Isle.Sun from a Hole in the Clouds The Detroit Skyline. The sun is poking through the clouds.Detroit, Michigan Skyline The skyline of Detroit, MichiganDetroit Skyline The skyline of Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Skyline Sunset Sunset over DetroitChurch Shadow The sun shines through the steeple of this church in Detroit.Yellow Scaffold The path through a yellow scaffold in downtown Detroit, Michigan.People Mover A view of the people mover in downtown Detroit, Michigan.Comerica Next to Park Church The church next to Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan.Fox Theatre The Fox Theatre in Detroit.Fox Theater The Fox Theater and a parking lot in front of Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Downtown Detroit A street in downtown Detroit, MI.Historic Detroit Building An historic building in downtown Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Detroit Tiger The tiger looks over the city of Detroit.Tiger from Comerica The tiger looks out from the stadium in Detroit.Detroit Waterfront Area A view towards the skyline of Detroit, Michigan from the waterfront area.Detroit Waterfront Concert Area An underground concert area along the waterfront in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Ring Statue On the waterfront in Detroit, Michigan.Renaissance Center A statue looks out towards the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Fist Old Detroit Building The former Detroit train station.Former Detroit Train Station The old train station in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Skyline Detroit The empty downtown of Detroit, MichiganAbandoned Building An abandoned building in Detroit, Michigan.Apartment Building in Detroit An apartment building in DetroitDetroit Street Driving down the street in Detroit, Michigan.Boarded up Building A boarded up building in Detroit, Michigan.House Falling Down This wooden house is starting to fall down.Detroit Ruin Abandoned Factory An abandoned factory in Detroit, Michigan.Boarded up Building Old Building in Detroit, Michigan Overpass Bridge A bridge overpass in Detroit, Michigan.Liquor Store A liquor store in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Detroit Parking Lots One of the many parking lots in downtown Detroit, Michigan.People Mover Track The track to the people mover in downtown Detroit.People Mover Detroit Vacant Lots Detroit Construction Zone Construction zone between downtown and midtown Detroit.Fox Theatre Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit, across from Comerica Park.Comerica Parking Lot The parking lot in front of Comerica, complete with some portapotties. Detroit People Mover The people mover crossing over the road in downtown Detroit, Michigan.Detroit River An historic cannon points towards the Detroit River.Detroit Waterfront The waterfront for Detroit.Central Detroit Looking towards the first and the center of Detroit.Detroit Detroit Train Station Blocking the sun to view the former Detroit Train Station.Renaissance Center Detroit at Night A photo of the Detroit skyline at night. Angel in Window An angel in the window of this Detroit house.Graffiti on House Graffiti on this house in Detroit.Average Detroit Street A street in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Neighborhood A crumbled house in this Detroit neighborhood.Keep Out "Keep Out" is written on this house.Detroit Street Gated Building School Crossing A school crossing sign in front of this boarded up apartment building.Destroyed Home A destroyed home in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit Apartment Building Vacant lot in Detroit A vacant lot in downtown Detroit.Detroit Revitalization Some of the construction projects revitalizing downtown Detroit.Downtown Detroit Renaissance Center The sun shines off the facade of the Renaissance Center on the waterfront in Detroit, Michigan.Detroit River Ambassador Bridge over the Detroit River.Renaissance Center A cannon next to the Renaissance Center.Broken Porch The porch is broken on this home in Detroit, Mi.