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Yellow Flower Beautiful Flower A beautiful flower found on top of Monserrate in Bogota, Colombia.Blue Flower A flower in Bogota, Colombia.Unique Flower Clock Made of Flowers The flower clock in Vina del Mar, ChileSingle Red Flower Sunflower and Bee A bee in the center of a sunflowerSunflower A plane flying in the air next to a closeup image of a sunflower.Flower in Snow Purple Tulip White Dandelion Flower with a With Background A pinkish flower with a white background.Red Flower A red flowerOrange Flower A vivid, orange flower with lots of pollen.Interesting Plant An interesting plant on the shores of a river during the fall.African Violet Flower The African Violet flower.Yellow Flower A flower overlooking the mountains in Salento, Colombia.Lilly Pads Lilly Pad Cold Flower A flower with snow in the background.Winter Tulip Winter Flower White Dandelion White Flower Cartagena Flowers Pink Flower White and Yellow Flower Red Flower in Winter Dandelion Dead Flower A dead flower still standing in the winter.