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Paisa Food Typical gut busting Colombian Food.Hot Chocolate Snowman A marshmallow snowman sits atop a mug of hot chocolate. Tomatoes on the Vine Delicious cherry tomatoes.Bruised Banana A photo of a bruised banana on a white background.Red Apple. A cute red apple with a little bit of the stem sticking up.Red Bell Pepper Coffee Fruit Coffee fruit on a branch in Colombia.Bunch of Bananas A bunch of bananas on a table.Bananas Tomato A bright red, slightly worn tomato.Lemon Closeup shot of a yellow lemon.Lemon Apple A red apple against a light background.Apple Brown Banana A browning banana taken at an angle.Avocado Plant Dew on this avocado in the morning.Chips and Salsa Chips and salsa on a food table.Snack Platter Butter A half stick of butter on a platterStick of Butter Olives One green and two purple olivesPickle Ugly Lime A shot of an ugly lime set against a light background.Lime Ugly Bell Pepper Apple Spaghetti Banana A banana on a dark background.Chocolate Chip One chocolate chip on a table. Hot Chocolate Mug A marshmallow man is melting into hot chocolate.Mug Yogurt A spoon next to a serving of yogurt.Yogurt Pumpkin Pie Slice Rice Noodles Sausage Sausage Patty Bacon Bacon cooking in a pan.Bacon in a Pan Cooking Bacon Sliced Apple Strawberry Jam Jar Cut Radishes Cut radishes on a plateGrapes Purple grapes on a plate.Cut Apple Bacon and Eggs Bacon and Eggs