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Grand Haven Lighthouse The lighthouse in Grand Haven, Michigan.Lighthouse Lighthouse The lighthouse at Grand Haven seen through the wind barrier fences that keep sand from blowing too much.Lake Michigan Lighthouse in Grand Haven, MI along Lake Michigan.Lighthouses The lighthouses of Grand Haven, Michigan.Grand Haven Lighthouse Lighthouse The lighthouse at Grand Haven, Michigan. Looking towards the beach at Grand Haven State Park.Grand Haven Light House Walking towards the lighthouse in Grand Haven, Mi.Life Raft A life raft on the pier of the Grand Haven lighthouse. On a windy or raining day it can actually be quite dangerous.Grand Haven State Park The beach at Grand Haven State Park. The clouds were very interesting this day.Grand Haven The lighthouse at Grand Haven, Michigan.Grand Haven Pier The lighthouse at the end of the pier in Grand Haven, Michigan.Lighthouse Pier Grand Haven Lighthouse Lighthouses The lighthouses at Grand Haven State Park the day after Thanksgiving.Grand Haven Channel The channel at Grand Haven, MichiganGrand Haven Coast Grand Haven Beach Painting