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Valparaiso, Chile Architecture The colorful buildings of Valparaiso, Chile.Old Train Station A black and white photo of an old train station in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Currently the Gandy Dancer restaurant.Walkway The sun streams into this historic stone walkway.Detroit Historic Building The former train station in Detroit, Michigan.Old Town Riga, Latvia The historic old town of Riga, Latvia.Roman Colosseum The Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy.Ruins in Rome, Italy Ancient ruins in Rome, Italy.San Marcos Square in Venice, Italy San Marcos Square in Venice, Italy. For some reason, people were selling bird feed, so there were lots of pigeons flying overhead. Canals of Venice, Italy Gandy Dancer Restaurant The view from behind the Gandy Dancer restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a former train station.University Building Historic Detroit, Michigan An historic little building next to skyscrapers in downtown Detroit, Michigan.Cartagena Wall A guy riding a bicycle along the old fortress wall in Cartagena, Colombia.Historic Granada, Nicaragua An historic building in the center of Granada, Nicaragua.Old Riga A photo of old town Riga, LatviaRiga, Latvia Street On an historic street in Riga, Latvia.Roman Ruins Ancient Roman Ruins in Rome, Italy.Vatican City Vatican CityOld Building University Building An interesting university building.Former Detroit Train Station The old train station in Detroit, Michigan.Historic Church An historic church in the Candelaria area of Bogota, Colombia.Central Square in Bogota, Colombia The smoke is a forest fire.Clock Tower in Bogota Noe that the moon is still up. Cartagena Wall Cartagena Wall Antigua, Guatemala Church A church in Antigua, Guatemala.Antigua, Guatemala Arch Chicago A couple of the historic buildings in downtown Chicago.Historic Riga A walk through RigaLaw School A nice picture of a law school with traditional university buildings.Spanish Steps in Rome. Looking down the Spanish steps in Rome, Italy.Historic Valparaiso, Chile Historic Valparaiso, Chile. Looking out towards the ships in the Pacific Ocean.Wroclaw, Poland Old Town Old town of Wroclaw, Poland.Historic Building Teotihuacan Ruin Teotihuacan Mayan ruin outside of Mexico City.Detroit Train Station Blocking the sun to view the former Detroit Train Station.Historic Door Knob An old, metallic door knob attached to an old door. Colorful Cartagena The colorful walls in the historic old town of Cartagena.Cartagena Building An old building in Cartagena, Colombia.Historical Cartagena The historic wall of Cartagena, Colombia.Historic Cartagena Mexico City Zocalo A panorama view of the zocalo in downtown Mexico City.Historic Guatemala City Before Christmas in Guatemala City.Antigua, Guatemala Charleston, SC On the street in historic Charleston, SC.Mexico City Bellas Artes Angkor Wat Carvings