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An Old Wooden Bridge in Thailand A really cool wooden bridge in rural Thailand.School Bus Custom buses in Granada, Nicaragua. Used as school buses in the USA, but public transport in Central America.Traditional Thai House Traditional Thai house outside of Bangkok, Thailand.Michigan Cube The sun shines through the cube at the University of Michigan.Walkway The sun streams into this historic stone walkway.Medellin Going down the hill in Medellin, Colombia from Santo Domingo station.Grand Haven Lighthouse The lighthouse in Grand Haven, Michigan.Floating Homes Floating homes in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Tour guides told us that this indigenous group was driven here by the Incans.White and Yellow Plant Pimped Out Bus A modified school bus from the USA used as public transport in Nicaragua. Note the glass on top of the wall to keep out intruders.Really Cool Sunset The sun shining through from a small hole in the clouds. Taken from Belle Isle.Big Detroit Fist An American flag behind the big Detroit Fist.Nickels Arcade in Ann Arbor, Michigan Nickels Arcade in Ann Arbor, Michigan.Pere Marquette The red lighthouse at Pere Marquette in Muskegon, Michigan.Lighthouse The lighthouse at Grand Haven seen through the wind barrier fences that keep sand from blowing too much.Taxi A taxi passes through a street in Bogota, Colombia.Cartagena Wall A guy riding a bicycle along the old fortress wall in Cartagena, Colombia.Lighthouse Sky Purple and orange sky behind a lighthouse at sunset in the winter.Golden Gate Rainbow A rainbow shoots out from the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. Hong Kong Skyline Desert Cemetery A cemetery in the desert at high elevation in northern Chile.Farm The sun is rising during the morning at this farm.Old Building Historic Home in Detroit, Michigan An historic home in Detroit, Michigan.Tire Swing A tire swing next to the lake.Metal under the Clouds Metal from a lighthouse is seen underneath the clouds.Comb A picture of a comb standing up.Clouds Really interesting cloud shapes.Staircase Interesting stairs on this building in Bogota,Colombia.Cobblestone Road in Bogota An interesting cobblestone road in the Candelaria neighborhood of Bogota, Colombia.Wax Palm Trees The wax palm trees in Colombia.Palm Tree A palm tree at a coffee plantation in Colombia.Cartagena Skyline Puerto Vallarta Sunset Three guys take pictures of the sunset in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Mexican Flag The Mexican flag in the zocalo of Mexico City, Mexico.Mexico City Cathedral Cathedral in the center of Mexico City.Lighthouse Antigua, Guatemala Arch Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA A rainbow at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.Monkey Buddha In Angkor Wat, Cambodia.Angkor Wat Buddha A stone buddha wearing yellow.Buddhist Monk Ho Chi Minh City Commute A moped driver passes a Pepsi advertisement in Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamChicago A couple of the historic buildings in downtown Chicago.Hammock Strings Strings on a hammock.Desert Town A tiny town in the desert next to Arica, Chile.Interesting Tree Taj Mahal Taj Mahal, in IndiaInteresting Plant An interesting plant on the shores of a river during the fall.Hiwassee Union Baptist Church Door Lock A door lock connected to an old wooden door.Historic Door Knob An old, metallic door knob attached to an old door. Above the Clouds Above the clouds heading out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.Mist Mist off the mountains in Salento, Colombia.Interesting Plant Cartagena Park A park with interesting sculptures, like a guy urinating on a lamp post.Moon During Daytime The moon in the sky during the day time. Spooky Church Chicago Millennium Park The park in downtown Chicago with huge pictures of faces. In the summer, water spits out of their mouths. Spring Snow on flowers during the spring in Michigan.Cold Flower A flower with snow in the background.Space Needle White Dandelion Indigenous Lifestyle People live on these rafts that float in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Old Apartment Building An old, interesting apartment building in Odessa, UkraineA stump with roots Angel in Window An angel in the window of this Detroit house.Beware of Dog Sign ThereHats Lots of hats lined up.Long Tree Roots Tree roots at Angkor Wat.Weird Sculpture in Bangkok Red Tulip After an early spring snow.