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Machu Picchu The amazing view of Machu PicchuArequipa, Peru The main square in the center of Arequipa Peru. I like the tiny yellow taxi and the palm treesFarmers Market A farmers market in Arequipa, Peru where they sell frog juice, fighting roosters, and guinea pigs.Floating Homes Floating homes in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Tour guides told us that this indigenous group was driven here by the Incans.Incan Empire Machu Picchu in the mountains of PeruLake Titicaca Taking a boat ride through Lake TiticacaLake Titicaca Island An island in the center of Lake TiticacaPeru Mountains The mountains of Peru near Machu PicchuCuzco Cobblestone The center of Cuzco, PeruCuzco, Peru A street in the center of Cuzco, PeruDatsun Pickup Truck A Datsun pickup truck heavily weighted down in Arequipa, PeruHieroglyphics Hieroglyphics outside of Trujillo, Peru.Steep Hill You need strong legs to live here, in Arequipa, PeruPeru Map Indigenous Lifestyle People live on these rafts that float in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Murky Water Green, murky water in Lake Titicaca.Peru Trujillo, Peru Beach A beach just outside of Trujillo, PeruJuliaca, Peru Up at about 13,000 feet about sea level in Juliaca, PeruPuno, Peru Puno, Peru. A city next to Lake Titicaca and about 13,000 feet about sea level.