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Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro A great view of Rio de Janeiro towards Sugar Loaf.Rio Beach Umbrellas Beach umbrellas at the beach in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilRio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro Aerial Photo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil A great photo of Rio.Brazilian Beach At Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Brazilian Beach A nice Brazilian beach during the summer in Rio de Janeiro BrazilRio Beaches The beaches of Rio.Rio in the Summer Time The beaches of Rio in the summer time.Cloudy Day in Ipanema Cloudy beach day at Ipanema in BrazilIpanema on a Rainy Day A man running on the beach in Rio de JaneiroIpanema Sunset The sunset over RioRio from an Airplane A view of Rio de Janeiro from an airplane.Rio Favela A view towards the Christ statue from a favela with a great view.A Park in Rio de Janeiro Ipanema Clouds Clouds loom over the beach at Ipanema.Swimmer in Ipanema A swimmer goes into the water in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.