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Big Detroit Fist An American flag behind the big Detroit Fist.Silhouette A man watching the end of the sunset in Puerto Vallarta, MexicoDetroit Ring Statue On the waterfront in Detroit, Michigan.Chicago Bean The Chicago BeanBotero Sculpture in Medellin Dog Sculpture in Cartagena, Colombia Botero Sculptures The Botero sculptures in Plaza Botero in Medellin, Colombia.Botero in Medellin A sculpture of a woman in Medellin, Colombia.Dog Sculpture A sculpture of a dog pulling down a kidBotero Plaza in Medellin, Colombia The statues of fat people in Plaza Botero in Medellin, Colombia. People in Colombia are generally not fat.Sculpture in Mexico City Mexico City Sculpture Meditation Carvings Stone carvings of meditators in Cambodia.Angkor Wat Buddha Weird Sculpture in Bangkok