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Grand Canyon, USA A view of the Grand Canyon in the southwest of the USAWoman on a Roadtrip  Woman on a roadtrip in the American southwest. Sandstone Cave Antelope Canyon in Arizona.Antelope Canyon Abandoned Home A small abandoned home in the southwest USA. The windows are boarded shut and a fence surrounds the propertyOpen Road in the American Southwest The wide open road on a highway in the American southwest. 65 is the speed limitAmerican Southwest Sky Cool looking clouds above this really cool rock formation in the American southwest.Cartoon Rock One of the cartoon like rocks in the American Southwest.Classic American Southwest The open road of the American southwestSouthwest Sunset Sunset over the rocks in the southwest USA.Empty Road An empty road in Southern Utah. Open Highway Open highway in front of Monument Valley in southern Utah. In the morning a car would pass only once every five minutes. Monument Valley Balanced Rock at Arches Arches National Park in Utah.American Southwest Rock Formations Really cool rock formations close to the Grand Canyon in the American southwestAmerican Southwest Rock Formation Cool rock formation with white clouds overhead in the American southwest. Yellowish shrubs are growing in the foreground.American Southwest Roads Cool rock formations miles ahead in the American southwest.American Southwest, USA Amazing, orange rock formations in the American southwest.American Southwest Turn on the road in the American southwest on a clear day.Arches, Southwest USA National park at Arches. A little bit of snow in the background.Rock from the Cartoons Cool rock that looks like the rock from the cartoons.Monument Valley Power Lines Barren Southwest Tree A barren tree in the American southwest.Funny Rocks Cool rocks in the American southwestRoadrunner Rock I believe this is one of the rocks that would fall on the roadrunner.Sandstone Rock Formation Swirly Pattern