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School Bus Custom buses in Granada, Nicaragua. Used as school buses in the USA, but public transport in Central America.Medellin Going down the hill in Medellin, Colombia from Santo Domingo station.Canals of Venice, Italy Bogota Taxis Yellow taxis on the street in Bogota, Colombia.Cartagena Bus People get off a bus in Cartagena, Colombia.Helicopter A helicopter flies over Venice Beach during the sunset.Seattle Ferry in the Puget Sound A ferry going through the Puget Sound during the sunset.Costa Rica Boat Ride This ferry transports people and cars.People Mover A view of the people mover in downtown Detroit, Michigan.Cable Car Old Fort A taxi driving in front of the old fort wall in Cartagena, Colombia.Unique School Bus A custom bus in Colombia. Many of these buses were formally school buses in the United States.Venice, Italy Gondola Elephant Photo A photo of a guy riding an elephant in Thailand.People Mover Track The track to the people mover in downtown Detroit.Medellin Cable Car Fire Truck A red fire truck on the streets of San Francisco, CA.Hanoi Street A motor bike drives down the street in Hanoi, Vietnam.Cambodia Countryside A moped speeds through the countryside of Cambodia.Mopeds Vietnam Mopeds Traffic outside of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.Bogota Bus A bright yellow bus in the streets of Bogota.Guatemala Bus Former school buses from the USA are common public buses in Guatemala.Family on a Moped Downtown Chicago A train passing by in Chicago.Beach Four Wheeler