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Mountain Reflection A lake in front of Mount Rainier.Mt Rainier Trees Trees with Mt Rainier in the background.Fall Colors Next to a Bridge The fall colors on the treesSnowcapped Mountain A snowcapped mountain with a lake in front.Fence A fence between the grass and trees as the leaves are changing color.Really Tall Trees Looking up at tall trees near Mt Rainier in Washington State.Fall Colors Leaves changing color and ducks on the river during the fall in Michigan.Forest The sun shining through the forest. Giant Trees in Washington Gigantic trees at Mt Rainier Park in Washington State.Trees Looking Up Tree Lined Path Tree lined path near Savannah, Georgia.Lakefront in the Fall Lakefront homes in the fall.Barren Forest The sun shines through trees in late fall.Barren Trees Angkor Wat Tree Root Trees growing into the ruins near Angkor Wat, Cambodia.