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Bangkok, Thailand Market Frogs and other interesting things for sale at a market in Bangkok, Thailand. The weather here is extremely hot and humid.Crazy Camel A crazy camel in Rajasthan, India.Farmers Market A farmers market in Arequipa, Peru where they sell frog juice, fighting roosters, and guinea pigs.Weird Cactus Weird cactus up in elevation in northern Chile.Beach Trampolines Rusty trampolines on the beach in Arica, Chile.Custom Beach Seats Somebody created these beach seats built into the sand at Hoffmaster State Park.Pink Pineapple A pink pineapple in Colombia.Monkey Buddha In Angkor Wat, Cambodia.Moving Bar A bar that can move.Soviet Union Dock Lots of metal protruding into the Black Sea in Odessa, Ukraine.Fence in Bogota A fence around a construction site in Bogota, Colombia.Grilled Snakes and Rats Grilled rats and snakes for 50 cents in Cambodia. They also sell deep fried scorpions, silkworms, and tarantulas. Deep Fried Grasshoppers White Dandelion Murky Water Green, murky water in Lake Titicaca.Skeleton Building A skeleton of a building in Krakow, Poland.Small Person Urinal A urinal for kids and small people. On the plus side, itSnow on BBQ Grill About 10 inches of snow covering a barbecue grill. Piggy Banks Monkey Buddhas At Angkor Wat.Family on a Moped Deep Fried Silkworms Deep Fried Silkworms In CambodiaCambodia Market Bird Eggs Bird eggs for sale in Cambodia.